Cardio Moves for People Who Hate Running

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Honestly, I hate running. It makes everything hurt especially the knees when running on pavement. The constant pounding can really make the joints ache. I get that; that’s why many people can’t stand to run or jog.


Thank goodness there are a number of alternatives to help you increase your cardiovascular strength while helping you burn calories! If you are like me and not the biggest fan of running but still want to help improve your cardiovascular strength, try implementing one or two of these moves into your workout regime by performing 3 sets for 20-30 seconds:


Basketball Shuffle

Just like back during high school ball practice, this exercise will get your heart pounding and your quads burning (in a good way). Pick an area that has at least an 8-10 foot open floor and set two objects down on opposite sides of the area. Get down like you are in a squat and shuffle sideways from one side of the area to the other (to the objects you put on the floor). Stay low the entire time and you will get a great workout.



Box Toe Taps

This one looks so easy. That is actually what all of the women in my fitness class think every time I demonstrate it (I know because they’ve told me), but trust me this will get your heart beating. Literally, all you do is get a solid platform that is about 6-8 inches tall (a stair will work). Then continually tap the top of the box with the bottom of your foot back and forth at a fast pace. So basically jump and touch with the right, as you bring the right down jump and touch with the left. Over and over and over; it really is a great exercise!


Bicycle Crunches

Start by lying on the ground with your hands behind your head and legs out stretched. In one fluid motion bring your right knee up to your chest (other leg held off the ground) while you raise your upper body up to bring your left elbow towards your right knee (basically performing a crunch). Then repeat by moving the right leg back to the starting position while bringing the left leg up to meet the right elbow! This is all done in one fluid motion constantly to where your legs look like they are cycling!




Jumping Jacks

We have all done jumping jacks before. Basically start by standing straight with your hands at your side and feet together. Jump into the air and shoot your hands up over your head while spreading your feet apart. Jump again and return to the starting position. This exercise is great cardio that can be done anywhere without equipment!



Quite honestly, any movement you perform at a high-intensity can improve your cardiovascular strength! This is why strength training in the form of circuits can really help you build strength, burn calories, and improve your cardiovascular strength because you are constantly moving all the time! No matter which of the above moves you decide, perform it at a high-intensity on a consistent basis and you will get some great cardiovascular benefits!


To get more at-home exercise tips to help burn calories and lose weight, visit Josh at Always Active Athletics: Your #1 Source For At-Home Fitness!

Vitamins for Singers: Maintaining Vocal Health

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As a professional vocalist, I do whatever I can to maintain my instrument – which is obviously my voice. I get asked quite frequently about vocal care and health, and I’m often times really surprised at how little people know about the basics for caring for your voice.  Even if you’re not singing, your voice is still the main source of communication for most of us, and it’s important to care for it.  For this article, however, I’ll focus specifically on maintaining a healthy singing voice.


The very first rule should be obvious to most, but isn’t always:  no smoking.  Smoking causes hoarseness, and can lead to polyps and nodes on the vocal cords.  Past that, there’s also the very real threat of cancer.  I had both a grandfather and grandmother die of lung cancer and emphysema from smoking cigarettes.


While I may sound a little preachy, no good thing comes of smoking, folks.  Particularly with singing.  It will destroy your voice.


People also want to drink warm liquids like tea or coffee before singing.  The problem with this is that many of these drinks contain caffeine, which can dry out your voice.  Milk and other dairy products are also not great.  They can produce mucus in the throat which you will have to battle in the middle of singing.


The best bet is always water.  Room temperature water is perfect, as the temperature also won’t affect your voice that way.


There are many vitamins and supplements that are important for performing vocalists.  Here they are, and here’s why they are important:


  • Vitamin A:  helps to regenerate old cells into new cells.  This is particularly helpful for singers because it helps to build healthy bones and teeth (and obviously teeth are vital in singing), and it also helps to replace old tissue in the throat and larynx.
  • Vitamin B12:  in addition to providing our bodies much-needed energy, B12 also helps in aiding singers with anxiety – helping to calm our nervous system keep it functioning on a much more relaxed level.  It is often times suggested the singers and performers take up to 50% more B12 on a day where they will be performing to help calm nerves.
  • Vitamin C:  helps to improve the overall immune system and fight the common cold and sore throat
  • Vitamin E:  is a powerful antioxidant.  It helps to destroy free radicals that contribute to aging and muscle degeneration.
  • Honey:  while it’s not recommended to take this just before singing, honey is a wonderful natural supplement to help with a sore throat and vocal discomfort.  Honey has natural anti-microbial and antibiotic properties that help fight bacteria.  It’s also an antiseptic and inflammatory, and will help to keep infection from spreading.  It can also help with season allergies.


A good multivitamin can cover your bases for almost all of these, and drinking plenty of water on a daily basis will keep you in tip-top shape.  There’s plenty of products out there aimed towards singers, but I’ve found that just understanding the basics of keeping your voice healthy, taking your vitamins, eating a healthy diet, and keeping your voice as hydrated as possible is really all that’s needed to keep your voice healthy and strong.  Happy and healthy singing to you!


Guest post by Diva Taunia, a professional musician and music educator located in the greater Los Angeles area.


Always Be Rehabbing (ABR) – Nutritionally and It Takes a Village



Hello Wellesse fans!    My last blog disclosed my recent injury and the ALWAYS BE REHABBING physically mindset.  This blog post addresses rehabbing with nutrition!


WE are athletes!  We get hurt  in our sport, training for our sport or doing other things that humans do… it is life… the difference is how we choose to heal or perhaps; what we are willing to go through to heal,  might be the real question.


Proper nutrition is an increasingly valuable tool in rehabilitation and healing. There are times when I am not eating much that is not rebuilding muscle or repairing damage. This is NOT an age issue, this is an athlete issue.


THE VILLAGE:  I had a doctor do incredible damage to my hamstrings. I was willing to undergo surgery with no anesthesia and insane pain to be healed. I made a choice to fight back extremely and I did.  When you get this hurt, people are either for you OR against you very quickly.  It is human nature. More precisely this is a dividing line especially for an older athlete. To make a professional athlete it takes a village!


My Village is Wellesse, my exceptional medial doctors, Wroten, Brisco, Dewar, Carrington and Albano!! My PT geniuses Hughes, my NMT mastermind Reid, my legal counsel Michael Dement, friends, a key brother Tony, & my coach.


That said, if I am not 100% committed to my village then all their brilliance and support is a total waste.   Without a village at this level you might as well go to bed and forget about it!  Or said differently, NEVER EVER let the village down – NEVER!


Always Be Rehabbing nutritionally:  When an athlete gets hurt, nutrition plays a bigger role in how fast we recover.


So, I got hurt!  My brilliant PT is exactly what I needed.  Short version – she gets the rather extreme level of determination I have.  The diagnosis:  The Femoral nerve is chemically and mechanically injured, meaning a lot of pain and no strength.  The nerve is so messed up it is not sending any messages; consequently, my glute, hamstring and quad are worthless.


I am horrified and I tell her, “If you tell me to stand on my head for 10 days in a row, I will do whatever you tell me and then do it 100% more!”   Best to let her know the nut job she has to fix upfront. 


So how do you fix it fast? Or faster than the average person?  There is the crisis to manage too, the pain and the inflammation.  REALITY is get rid of all inflammation by what you eat; no sugar, no cheese, no shell fish, no peanuts, and no dairy, no chicken, no beef.


She says… “Now you go VEGAN.”  I really thought this woman was sort of testing me …..  But she was serious… I knew I told her I would do anything, and I meant it, but she better not think this is a joke.


I stated, “I am freaking out:  I have lost 8 lbs., my strength is declining and I need a great deal of protein. What am I supposed to eat?”


She says, “A head of romaine has 1 complete strand of protein.”   I seriously laughed stating, “I am not going to blend up 128 heads of lettuce a day”  She did not blink!  She stared me down and firmly said, “You eat beans and lentils.”   My reply, “NO I won’t do it!  I hate all beans, they all make me sick and I hate lentils too.”  But I am no fool and thought, at least I should ask, “why vegan?”


She says, “its simple, Prata, if you eat plant proteins or fast processed proteins the blood supply is being used to heal the nerve.”   Well, how do you argue with that?  Vegan here I come, no beans, but vegan.


I blended romaine, added my own insane concoctions of protein and started sucking down protein shakes at a stupid level.  But the thing that saved me was downing the Wellesse liquid protein. At least half a bottle a day! (Disclaimer- Do not do what I did- ask your doctor)  This is a brilliant product, designed for post gastric bypass type of surgeries.   Liquid Wellesse Protein is fast absorbed as a liquid and I carry a bottle everywhere and take a swig out of it like water… it tastes great, keeps me ingesting protein in a good dose.


I ate nothing I was not supposed to.  I made cookie sheets of a hybrid high protein calufutti created by my NMT and then “super-protein sized” by me that I think packs about 10 grams of protein per square.  My brain at every meal is thinking, Never quit, Never let the village down.


I cannot sit with this nerve issue so holiday meals are nonexistent – NONE! Party mode is standing, seltzer water and giant swigs of liquid protein.  It is lonely to eat like this when in pain.  I have fought back before but this injury and recovery has changed me, likely forever.


Nutritional rehabbing might include a lot of supplements.   I researched and take anything that will help heal this type of an issue.  Please always research well and talk to your doctors and specialists before taking anything new.


Now the really good part – Always Be Rehabbing & THE VILLAGE.  It is the holidays – I am a corporate executive that gets hired to grow, fix or get companies back on track and out of trouble.  I get invited to some awesome parties.


SCENE:  Invitation is in NY to a Black tie event.  I graciously contact the host, hostess in advance and explain I am an athlete, an Olympic hopeful injured but healing and I mean no disrespect; but may I please bring my own food  (protein bars) and Wellesse liquid protein?   I promised to be full black tie and that my Wellesse liquid protein would go in an antique sterling silver flask. They were delighted I was coming, quite curious about my dedication to The Village and fascinated with my flask idea!  I volunteered to let the bar tender test the product to ensure I had not brought my own booze.


The PARTY:   I show up – I did warn my date, and my VILLAGE discussion with him was clear or …. So I thought.  The evening was lovely; I stood during seated presentations.  People had heard whispers of my flask and my dedication to “THE VILLAGE.”  I ate my salad, discreetly ate protein bars and of course, the flask was its own topic.  Like anything in life, it is how you say it and how you manage it. 


I have absolute confidence and am never embarrassed by my choices.  Well, throughout the evening people asked for help with supplements, docs, PTs, NMT etc.  I always help where I can. As the evening wore on my village grew. Eventually, the host and hostess were at the door saying good night.  I had said my good nights and turn around to look for my date.  He was fantastically angry at me and I am not going to guess what the root cause of his problem was.  But people are moving toward the door and he loudly says in anger at me,


“How dare you embarrass me like this (I had actually invited him as it was my party invite), not eat the scallops, the fillet, and I know you like martinis and you did not even have one. Your stupid idea of toasting with liquid protein is embarrassing, what is wrong with you?  Your commitment to that stupid sport, YOUR VILLAGE AND YOUR COACH IS going to be a waste of time and look what you could have had .. What do you say to that?” 


There are times in life when it only takes a moment; and I happen to have a mouth that when given a moment I often take it! At this point people had gathered with eyes as big as saucers just staring, as he was loud and this was a small forum.


I was sort of alone near the door as I had said my good nights.  Without even blinking, I looked my date square in the eye and firmly with calm and undying confidence said, ”Frankly Scarlett, I  don’t  give  a   damn!”   I  turned and walked out! I heard an immediate outburst of applause.  Both Mr. and Mrs. Hostess came after me and were beaming and thanking me for what I brought to the night in terms of commitment & dedication.


I end this blog with a similar vein as to the past one:

  • You must have absolute confidence in what you are willing to do to achieve the goal.


FINALLY, I think we can safely conclude that my determination to ABR nutritionally will result similarly to my physical ABR where wearing a weight vest to work guarantees I always be single! Although, I have to admit, “Frankly Scarlett, I don’t give a damn.”


Yours in Ice, Prata


Guest post by Anna Prata, an Olympic hopeful Competitive Skeleton Athlete. Otherwise known mainly by her last name of Prata, she is 100% committed and passionate about living every moment of her life and leaving it on the field every day.   In her non-athlete time, Prata is a highly successful executive in the niche of corporate turnaround.  Both her corporate life and her sports life have similarities of stealth, intensity, and speed in creating value and less time down the ice; while wearing Kevlar to protect from the dangers of companies in distress and from potentially hitting a wall of ice at 90 MPR.  Ms. Prata is not a nutritionist, a physical therapist or in any way should her opinions be considered medical, physical  or psychological advice.