Cold….All The TIme

Cold Feet - Circulation


If you’re a weight loss surgery pre-op, be prepared:  you’re going to be freezing like you never thought possible.  I promise you this.  Sooner or later, when the weight comes off, your body will start torturing you with coldness.  You will begin investing in sweaters and sweatshirts and you will feel a chilled to your bones.  It is one of the “cons” that comes with losing weight, and I assure you, it WILL happen.  If you’re a weight loss surgery post-op (or anyone who has lost a lot of weight, really), you already feel my pain on this one.


I’m writing this from Boston, and while I love my friends and family, I HATE this cold.  I’m spoiled:  I admit it.  I have become very  much accustomed to my Southern California weather (and I even complain about the chill there, truth be told), and this 14 degrees outside?  NO, just NO.


But I realized that there has GOT to be more to it.  I mean, I’ll fully admit that I’m a big ol’ wimp, but there have certainly got to be some physical reasons for being so chilly all the time too.  To Google, I go!


Turns out, a few of them were what I expected:


  • Poor circulation
  • Low iron (I’m anemic)
  • Sleep deprivation (I’m also an insomniac – lucky me!)
  • Low B12 (makes the red blood cells that carries oxygen through your system, hence getting the blood circulating)
  • You’re too thin (clearly not my problem), lack body fat for warmth


Then a few that I didn’t know about as well:


  • Dehydration
  • Thyroid problems, one of the first signs of hyperthyroidism is constant coldness
  • Fungal infections – disrupt the hypothalamus, the body’s master gland and temperature control
  • Raynaud’s disease – the blood vessels and smaller arteries that supply blood to the skin constrict and limit circulation (can be controlled with medication)
  • Diabetes not kept in check can lead to peripheral neuropathy, which attacks the nerves in your hands and feet and can send the brain numbness/cold messages


My likely causes are that I’m anemic and an insomniac.  Well that, and it’s 14 degrees out right now.  But it was interesting to read that not being hydrated enough could affect temperature as well, who knew?  Of course, I was a bit amused to read numerous times in my searches that one of the reasons was “because you’re a woman.”  Notice I didn’t include that in my list.  My husband gets just as cold as me, thank you very much.  AND he’s skinny – so there!


Here’s wishing you warm blankets and great circulation!

Mental Fitness As Important As Physical Fitness During Weight Loss

mental fitness during weight loss


What’s the first image that pops into your mind when you think of weight loss or getting in shape? For almost 90 percent of you out there, it has been found that you think of either exercise or nutrition. You think of either sweating it out on a treadmill or eating nothing but salads. Only 10 percent of people think about the physiological aspects of losing weight and this might need to be your starting point!


Losing Weight and Gaining It Back


It’s been found that only 8% of us keep our New Year’s resolutions and on top of that, over 65% of those who lose significant weight – like 5 percent of their bodyweight – will gain it back (and usually more)! So if exercise and nutrition is so important and we focus the majority of our energy on it, why is this approach failing? It’s because we aren’t working on the mental aspects of losing weight and keeping it off!


Neuropsychologist Dr, Diane Robinson explained, “That may explain why so many of us struggle. In order to lose weight and keep it off long term, we need to do more than just think about what we eat, we also need to understand why we’re eating.”


Cue the emotional eating and the boredom eating – these can are weight loss killers! Dr. Robinson explained further, “If we’re aware of it or not, we are conditioned to use food not only for nourishment, but for comfort. That’s not a bad thing, necessarily, as long as we acknowledge it and deal with it appropriately.”


Being Mentally Fit


How are we to break this cycle and make sure we have a sound mental approach when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off? Let’s break down a few strategies:


Create a food log – This is a must and one I encourage all my clients try. This is one of the most important things you can do in order to become consciously aware of what and when you are eating. You will start to see habits and binge foods you eat and then you can start to correct them one by one! The more you know about your diet the easier it is to correct!


Constant reminders – Another option is to write down a few fixes on a piece of paper and put that in your pocket or on your desk (even on your phone screen). Things such as “drink more water”, “control your snacking”, or “you can do this” can be great way to remind you to stay on the healthy path!


Find support – We all go through struggles and there are many people out there who have went through what you are currently going through or are going through it themselves! Find and connect with these people and you can lean on them to help you get motivated and moving forward!



When it comes to getting and staying healthy this year, while exercise and nutrition are very important, don’t forget the mental aspects of health. Find the right support group for you and start being conscious of when, what, and why you are eating and you will be better suited to reach your goals!


If you are looking for more fitness and nutritional tips, head on over to DIY Active: “Fit.Food.Life.”





Adventure Awaits

Resolution Alternatives


Right about now is when everyone is starting (or breaking) their brand-new 2016 resolutions.  I tend to shy away from resolutions, mostly because I know that beyond the first two weeks of January, I’ll never remember what they were anyhow.  But this year I decided to try something a bit different.  Something that was more actionable and easier for my brain to remember because it’s more exciting than the usual “work out more,” “eat less” “lose weight’ resolutions.


When I was out Christmas shopping, I ran across a really pretty journal that said only one thing on the front:  “Adventure Awaits.”  I needed a new journal, so I bought it, but I also bought it because I really loved the sentiment and decided THAT would be my resolution.  And I also didn’t want that to have to be anything lofty.  I don’t need to spend a lot of money and take an extravagant trip to Madagascar.  I can find small adventures in my every day life,  just as long as I look for it and look for it often.


I think as we get older, it’s often-times really easy to get set in our comfortable ways.  I want to continue to push myself to learn, see, meet, and do new things as much as I can: even if that’s local and right around me.


If I can keep “Adventure Awaits” as my mantra, I can change the way I look at everyday things. 


Cooking, for instance:  each week when I go to the grocery store, I am now going to purchase one item (healthy, or at least healthy-ish) that I have never used before.  That will force me to research and read about it, find a recipe, and learn to cook with it.  Since I’m a late-bloomer to cooking, I love the idea of somewhat forcing myself to learn to cook with something new on a daily basis.  And if I can, I’ll post it to my Instagram account (@divataunia) every week as well.


In the exercise department, I had a bit of an epiphany when  I was driving past a small local museum the other day.  There’s so much history around me that I take for granted because it’s in my own backyard, but how much do I really know about the town I live in?  To be honest, nothing.  So why not go for a walk or bike over to the local museum (easy to say in January when you live in Southern California – lol), get a little exercise, and learn about the history of the places around me?  Why not take advantage of the local parks and sites?


There are local “adventures” waiting to happen that could not only open my mind, but help me with my quest for continuing my better health.


And there’s no reason to not dream about BIG adventures too!  I’d love to start saving to go somewhere peaceful and quiet with beaches and solitude and just be able to sit with my own self and write music, which is an adventure I really need to get back to this year.


Having my health and having music in my life are the two things that allow me to have adventures.  Being healthy goes without saying.  Everyone needs their health for happiness. Music affords me the ability to travel and to makes music for others.  This year, I want to find the adventures that are awaiting, both big and small, and I hope you will too!