Myth of the Miracle Pill

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We all want a magical pill that we can help us instantly lose all of our excess body fat. Basically, we want a simple solution that will miraculously change our physiology without actually having to expend anymore energy then we are already expending. As in not getting off the couch, taking a pill and miraculously losing weight. Who as time to get active? Hate to break it to you folks, but that might have just been debunked!


The Miracle Drug Science

Recent research published in British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology points to the fact that these so called “miracle drugs” aren’t really doing you much good. In essence, the weight you are losing is all water weight and therefore will result in a weight rebound because you really didn’t lose any significant fat. The study found that only real weight change (actual fat oxidation) levels off at about 200—300 grams per week or a little more than 2.20 pounds.

So basically, you can only lose about 2.2 pounds a month of FAT no matter what miracle drugs you take. Juan Del Coso, a researcher at Camilo José Cela University and a lead author of the study explained, “This means the weight changes we experience when we start exercising are not based on fat loss, but mainly on fluid loss. This is why the majority of ‘miracle’ diets and slimming programmes produce a ‘rebound’ effect due to the recovery of the lost fluid.” Not only that, but he went on to say, “That should be the aim: to lose a kilo per month, but a kilo of fat. It’s less attention-catching than miracle diet slogans, but scientifically speaking, effective change would be at that rate.”


So What Does This Mean?

Well, this means that it’s time to drop the ideas that we can take a simple pill and lose a bunch of weight and keep it off. Yes, these pills can help you lose fluid weight very quickly, in the long run you end up gaining it back and your psyche will probably suffer as well. So we need to do it the right way. We need to aim to lose a few pounds of fat a month. We need a sustainable approach to reach these goals.

But really, we just need a mindset change. Instead of thinking that you will lose 15 pounds in 3 weeks, be happy with the small victories that will add up to great results. It’s time to stop doing things the easy way considering the easy way got you to where you are. It’s time to shoot for losing 1-2 pounds of fat monthly and keeping it off forever. That’s the real goal: lose weight and keep it off for good. So would you rather lose 7lbs of water in a week and gain it back 2 weeks later or lose 2 pounds in a month and keep it off forever?



We all want to get fit, be healthy, and look good, but there is no point in significantly harming our mentality and physiology just to drop 5 pounds of water in a few days… It’s like a horror movie, it will just keep coming back time and time again. Get your mindset and goals right and your health will follow suit!


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4 Recent Studies to Help You Live Healthier

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On a monthly basis, we like to take a look back at some of the most recent research to see if it can help paint a healthier picture for us. We combed through the latest science to see if it can help us exercise smarter and harder. We all want to be as healthy as possible in the most efficient manner in our time-crunched society. So sit back and check out some of the latest health research!


Want more exercise benefits? Believe!


Mind over matter, right? Well, that could definitely be true when it comes to helping us witness the best effects of exercise. Research published in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine found that if you believe exercise will do you good, then it will. A researcher on the project Hendrik Mothes explained, “The results demonstrate that our belief in how much we will benefit from physical activity has a considerable effect on our well-being in the manner of a self-fulfilling prophecy.” So it’s time to get your head right in order to get your body right in the most efficient manner possible!


 Higher weekly activity levels linked to what?


Want to have a lower risk of stroke, heart disease, diabetes, breast cancer, and bowel cancer? Then increase your weekly activity level. A study in The BMJ determined that while the World Health Organization recommends at least 600 minutes of weekly metabolic exercise, the team found that the most health gains were achieved at 3000-4000 metabolic equivalent minutes a week. While this is substantially higher than the current recommendations, the team concluded, “With population ageing, and an increasing number of cardiovascular and diabetes deaths since 1990, greater attention and investments in interventions to promote physical activity in the general public is required.” The effort is worth it!


Ditch your backup plan


If you really want to achieve your goals then you need to ditch your backup plan according to research out of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The more likely you are to have a backup plan, the more likely you are to fall back on it. The researchers were quick to point out that there are these potential costs to making a backup plan, they are sometimes needed throughout life. Jihae Shin, assistant professor concluded, “You might want to wait until you have done everything you can to achieve your primary goal first.” Is your backup plan holding you back?


Eat for a better memory


We’ve all heard of the Mediterranean diet and how it can improve your health. It not only can improve your heart health but it can seriously improve your memory/cognitive function according to a study in the journal Frontiers in Nutrition. This diet has been shown to decrease the rates of cognitive decline and ultimately Alzheimer’s disease. The Mediterranean diet is composed of foods such as cereals, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, leafy greens, fish and olive oil while avoiding red meats and dairy.


Lead author Roy Hardman explained, “The MedDiet offers the opportunity to change some of the modifiable risk factors. These include reducing inflammatory responses, increasing micronutrients, improving vitamin and mineral imbalances, changing lipid profiles by using olive oils as the main source of dietary fats, maintaining weight and potentially reducing obesity, improving polyphenols in the blood, improving cellular energy metabolism and maybe changing the gut micro-biota, although this has not been examined to a larger extent yet.”



From improving your memory to increasing your weekly levels of exercise to believing in your workout, there are many key takeaways from these recent studies. While we all need to exercise harder, let’s also do it smarter!


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Energy Drink Dillema – Cutting Back Caffeine

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Tired? Sluggish? Unmotivated? Just exhausted? Many of us feel this way constantly. Whether it’s our incessant on-the-go lifestyle or simply lack of sleep, we all feel drained from time to time. When this happens many of us reach for coffee or worse, an energy drink! They definitely can put pep in your step but they may be causing a cardio catastrophe!



Cardiac Complications

You’ve probably heard it before that energy drinks aren’t the best for you. Recent research backs that notion even further. Research published in the Journal of Addiction Medicine found that the high levels of caffeine in your energy drinks can lead to cardiac complications like abnormal heart rhythms. While the report was suggestive that energy drinks can cause cardio complications, it wasn’t conclusive. This stills leads credence to the notion that we need to watch our sugar and caffeine intake. Plus, this high sugar consumption can have other unexpected heart effects!


Tooth Infection and Your Heart

Another thing that many energy drinks are loaded with is sugar. As you know even with proper oral hygiene, massive sugar consumption can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Recently, research out of the University of Helsinki found that even symptomless root tip tooth infection can increase your risk of coronary artery disease! In fact, researcher John Liljestrand explained, “Acute coronary syndrome is 2.7 times more common among patients with untreated teeth in need of root canal treatment than among patients without this issue.” With tooth decay being the most common cause of this root tip infection, we need to watch our sugar consumption and dental hygiene!


Other Energy Options


Natural Active Energy

You ever notice that endorphin rush you get after a great workout? Well, naturally bump up your energy levels with exercise. A quick workout in the morning will get the blood pumping and you feeling focused! These early morning exercises are great for getting you through the early morning office hour lull. Plus, when you exercise early in the morning you are more tired when it’s bed time which can lead to improved sleep… more on that later.


Natural Food Energy

Junk food, junk food, with a side order of more junk food. No wonder we are all incredibly tired when we are fueling out bodies with crap. It’s like putting regular unleaded gas in your luxury sports car. It still runs but it won’t run as smoothly (nor stay as clean) as if you put super unleaded in it. The amount of Trans fat in many of the foods we eat can leave us feeling sluggish without providing no true vitamins and nutrients. Want to energize? Make vegetables and fruit a staple of your luxury sports car diet!


Sleep is Crucial

I mentioned sleep earlier and it deserves getting mentioned twice. Getting 6-8 hours of sleep is crucial for you to feel awake. From improving your cognitive abilities to ramping up your immune system, a little shut eye can do wonders for your psyche and how you feel physically. Aim for those 8 hours and watch as your energy levels improve!


Other Vitamins

Other options include B vitamins to help put some pep in your step. Wellesse has a great B vitamin liquid supplement that I’ve used for years. Put a squirt in your water bottle and it helps you focus and provides an energy kick that you need. Combined with the previous 3 energy steps, it’s a great way to stop relying on energy drinks and even coffee!



There are many natural approaches to getting an energy increase than downing an energy drink or two. Instead, focus on your nutrition, activity level, and sleeping regime to help you cut down on energy drinks and improve your overall health!


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