10 Healthy Snacks to Replace Junk Food


Snacking is the bane of many people’s nutrition existence. They do so well in eating 3 healthy meals a day but almost always slip up when it comes to snacking. Maybe it’s because snacks are just so tasty that it’s hard to find a good alternative.


If you want to really get your health or weight loss under control its important to control your snacking. It’s amazing how many calories you consume throughout the day when you don’t even think you are. A handful of M&Ms here and a couple of potato chips there don’t seem like a lot at the time but when added up they can lead to hundreds of calories (this is especially true considering their relatively low volume to caloric content of most not-so-good for you snack foods).


Below you will find 10 savory, tasty snacks that can replace some of the junk food you may be accustomed to eating. Just replacing one bad snack with a healthy one could save you 50-100+ calories a day which can add to big weight loss over the course of a year (5.2 – 10.4 pounds worth of calories). Start small with sustainable habit forming practices to get your snacking under control!


10 Awesome Snacks


1. Peanut butter and banana slices on crackers 

This is one of the better combinations out there in my personal opinion. This great snack gives you a boost of prolonged energy while filling you up; meaning you won’t crash at 2:00pm. You can even use rice cakes as well!


2. Celery with peanut butter and raisins

Here you get deliciousness for a low amount of calories! Get the energy boost from the peanut butter and nuts/raisins on stomach-filling celery. Plus this snack is super easy to make and would be great at the office!


3. Greek yogurt and fruit

Greek yogurt and any fruit is killer in my book! A small bowl of Greek yogurt with blueberries, raspberries, or even peach slices is amazing! This snack will provide you with a healthy dose of energy, calcium, and probiotic. Try putting in a few cashews or almonds too!


4. Sweet potato fries and honey

This is also one of my favorites that I make all the time! With a long energy boost due to the slow breakdown of the carbs and natures energy drink (honey) this will have you energized and feeling full!


5. Watermelon slices with mixed nuts 

Sound weird? It’s super tasty! Any type of nut (pistachios, almonds, almonds…etc.) combined with watermelon is going to make for a great snack. This snack is great for throwing into a container and taking with your to work!


6. Tomato slices, roast beef, and goat cheese

Sounds like a Mediterranean snack doesn’t it? Chopping up a little roast beef and adding it as toppings really make this snack yummy! Consume your veggies with a healthy dose of protein!


7. Cucumbers, horseradish, and roast beef

Need to spice it up a little? The horseradish gives it a perfect amount of spiciness to combat the cooling sensation of the cucumbers! On top of that, the roast beef adds a nice salty flavor.


8. Hummus and vegetables

Hummus is amazing by itself but combined with vegetables, it flat-out rocks! This is convenient, making it a great office snack (or a great snack for anywhere).


9. Peanut butter, nuts, between apple slices

Make yourself an apple sandwich! Use the apple slices as “bread” with peanut butter and other mixed nuts in between! Simple and fun to make and it provides a good amount of protein and energy!


10. Meat wrapped mozzarella

Another Mediterranean-esque snack! This will hold you over until your next meal, trust me. Just wrap a string-cheese mozzarella stick with a piece of ham or roast beef! These two combined equal energy and sustenance!



As I said earlier, take it gently and start replacing a snack a day with some of these healthy alternatives (don’t want to dive in head first). Once you get into the habit and find the snacks you like, try to eventually replace all of your junk snacks with quality, filling healthy snacks!



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