12 Tips for a Healthy Holiday

Follow these easy tips for a healthier holiday season!

1. Take Wellesse Vitamin D3 in addition to your regular multivitamin for extra immune support.

2. Eat “healthy” foods such as yogurt (probiotics), salmon (omegas and vitamin D) and fruit (vitamin C) and veggies

3. Don’t go to a party hungry.  This will help to cut back on overeating unhealthy treats.  If its dinner, load up on the salad first.

4. Be sure to keep exercising throughout the holidays – take a walk even if its cold out.  The fresh air is invigorating and exercise helps digestion.

5. Protect against germs, wash hands often and use hand sanitizer at the grocery store, etc.  Use paper towels instead of hand towels.

6. Get at least 7 hours of sleep each night.  Lack of sleep depresses the immune system even more and increases sugar cravings.

7. Buy or make healthy gifts such as fruit baskets or nuts for family and friends instead of sweets.

8. Instead of high calorie cocktails, drink champagne instead.  One glass only has 85 calories or a wine spritzer (wine with soda water)

9. Be sure to distress – take a hot bath, read a book, or get a massage.  Stress causes headaches and depresses the immune system.

10. Snack on shrimp at a party, which is low in fat and high in protein and 4 large shrimp is
only 85 calories.

11. Take a bottle of water wherever you go – shopping, walking, parties, etc. and refill as needed.  This can also help you eat less.

12. Be social!  People who are socially active get fewer colds because they tend to be happier which strengthens the immune system.