Benefits of Liquid Nutritional Supplements


People are particular about their supplements and by all means, they should be.  Certain kinds of fish oil supplements can leave you with bad fishy burps and many iron supplements can leave you constipated.


So why should someone choose liquid over tablet, capsule or chewable? Many times it is a matter of preference, but consider:


  • Liquid supplements are easy to take – no hard pill making it’s way down your throat, and liquid supplements can be mixed into things like your morning juice, bottled water or post-workout smoothie!


  • Your compliance with liquid supplements may be better – meaning that you actually continue to take them (some people stop taking pills once they find it’s unpleasant).


  •  You don’t have to worry about liquid supplements making their way into your system, they will, quickly and completely; some tablets may not be broken down very well within your body and therefore not absorbed quickly or completely.


As always, the type of supplement you choose should depend on personal preference and compliance – what will you continue to take on a regular basis. Because, after all, if you don’t continue taking it regularly, there’s really no point in buying it to begin with!


If you are tired of swallowing yet another pill, try taking a liquid supplement instead.  It does make taking your essential supplements each day a little easier.