Another Study Shows Weight Loss Surgery Works for Diabetes Treatment

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After two trials published last month showed bariatric weight surgery leading to greater improvements in diabestes,  another study has found that bariatric surgery is a better diabetes treatment in obese patients than medical therapy, Italian researchers said, confirming results from other recent trials.

In a prospective cohort study involving 30 morbidly obese diabetic patients undergoing laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, compared with 30 similar patients receiving usual drug-based care, measures of diabetic control were improved far more with the surgical procedure, according to a group led by Nicola Basso, MD, of the University of Rome "Sapienza."

Patients receiving medical therapy showed modest improvements from baseline in major diabetic outcomes after 18 months -- fasting plasma glucose levels fell by more than 30 mg/dL and hemoglobin A1c values declined by one percentage point -- but diabetes was nearly eradicated in the surgical patients, Basso and colleagues reported online in Archives of Surgery.

However, after the New England Journal studies appeared last month, the Endocrine Society issued a statement cautioning against routine recommendations of bariatric surgery for obese diabetic patients.

The group noted that compliance with long-term lifestyle change is vital for patients undergoing bariatric surgery, and not every patient can handle it. Risks of surgery are also a consideration, the society said.

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