Immune Booster Dairy Free Easy Banana Ice Cream

How do you get your vitamin D?  Food?  Sun?  It's harder than you think to get enough.

Did you know that vitamin D is important for more than bone health? It is essential for a healthy immune system, breast, and colon health. Lack of vitamin D in the winter from lack of sunshine can also contribute to seasonal affective disorder. To keep yourself and your family healthy, make sure to supplement a healthy diet with vitamin D.

Can’t get your family to take their vitamins?

Try sneaking their vitamins into healthy foods. Add liquid supplements to a green smoothie, iced tea or try this delicious banana ice cream. Avocado is blended with banana for a healthy dose of beneficial fat, which will help your body absorb the vitamin D better – and makes this treat extra creamy! 

Dairy Free Banana Ice Cream

Banana Ice Cream

So easy your kids can make it themselves!


1 banana, chopped and frozen - bananas are a good source of fiber and potassium and Vitamins C and B6

1/8 ripe avocado - good source of fiber, good fats (monosaturated), omegas and Vitamins C and K and folate

1-2 teaspoons Wellesse Vitamin D3 1000 IU*

1/8 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

1 strawberry (or fruit of choice) - high in vitamin C

*For children under 12, use 1 teaspoon. For children over 12 and adults, use 2 teaspoons.


1. Puree all ingredients in a food processor until creamy. Serve immediately. 


Guest Blog Post by Iris Higgins, gluten-free cook book author and blogger of, hypnotherapist with master's degree in psychology plus a Women's Wellness Wizard. 

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