Learn to Recognize Signs of Stress and Stop Them!

Ah, stress.  We’ve all got it, and we all manage it differently, for better or worse.  But have you thought about the actual effects consistent, unresolved stress can have on your body and mind?

It’s important to realize that a little stress can actually be beneficial and keep your body functioning in the way it was built to; but a constant barrage of stressors, with no outlet for relieving emotional and physical symptoms can be very unhealthy.  Once you recognize how your body responds to stress, whether mostly emotionally with changes in mood or eating habits, or physically with tense muscles or headaches, it is easier to put a finger on the things causing it, and if not change the stressors themselves, begin to make positive changes in  your responses to them.

Here are some physical signs to look for:

  • Faster heartbeat
  • Quicker breaths
  • Tighter muscles
  • Higher Blood Pressure

 Encourage those you love (including yourself!) to look into identifying the things causing stress in their lives and work with them to adopt positive, realistic ways to reduce their stress. Doing so will help reduce the chances of long-term negative health consequences like heart attack, stroke, depression, gastrointestinal issues and a variety of skin problems.  Keeping up with your vitamin regimen can help balance the physical effects of a stressful life.  Proper Vitamin D3 levels and a steady supply of B Vitamins, which are depleted during stressful moments, are especially helpful.

 WebMD and Mayo Clinic websites have quality sections on stress identification and management, including videos and questionnaires to help you manage stress.Check them out!

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WebMD Video clip – How to Overcome Emotional Eating 


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Name: Eustacia Miliusis
Time: Monday, October 22, 2012

With 2 sons with autism I am constantly trying to find ways to alleviate stress. Sometimes you just have to take a deep breath and push on, like right now I have been trying to make this comment for about 30 minutes and my youngest son keeps coming by just as I am done and pushing something on the keypad that clears the page, lol, I have no idea how many partial comments I am submitting.....here goes my last attempt.....!

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