Manage the Holidays and Minimize Stress

Here are some helpful, basic manageable hints to keep your sanity and make the most of the festive, giving season.

The year has flown by and its crunch time, cramming in parties, shopping and preparing for family and friends.  The word “holidays” alone can often raise the anxiety level of even the most coordinated and prepared people.

Schedule and Stick To It

Task lists, to-do lists, priority lists and planning.  However you term it or organize it, making the most efficient use of your time is a great way to keep last-minute stress at bay.  And as your list gets smaller, your smile gets bigger.

Just say “No Thanks”

Its ok to decline some invitations, especially the ones that conflict directly with your existing plans.  A manageable, well thought out schedule that includes family time and down time, makes for a much more enjoyable and less frantic holiday season.

 Add Vitamins and Minerals to your Daily Routine:

This holiday season give your body the gift of extra immune support, stress management, energy, and metabolism boost.  The most common and helpful supplements this time of year are a quality Multivitamin, B-Complex Vitamins, and Vitamin D3 to keep you happy and healthy all winter long.

Give To Those In Need

There’s a direct relationship between altruistic giving and positive mental health.  Take time to consider a matching monetary donation or volunteer, giving the gift of your time and energy to a community cause that moves you.  You’ll be giving your community much needed assistance, and creating the link to help others that benefits your own well being too.

Make Time To Exercise

Its likely you’ll need to alter your workout schedule to accommodate your holiday schedule, but don’t eliminate exercise all together.  Shorter duration, higher intensity workouts are a great way to boost metabolism and endorphins, keep calories burning and keep your holiday stress in check.

Give any one or many of these tips a try and keep stress in check as you enjoy this holiday season!

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