Support World Health Day, April 7th, 2012

“Good health adds life to years”  World Health Day, April 7th, 2012

This thought-provoking slogan highlights the focus of the World Health Organization’s annual World Health Day, April 7th, 2012.  The WHO has chosen healthy aging as their global health challenge this year, and will raise awareness of the many social and health related implications of a rising population of aging adults across the world.

As scientific advancement and health education work together with higher quality of life and increased life span, rapid growth of the aging population has come into its own set of special and common health concerns.  The WHO is concentrating on educating the world, from global leaders to public citizens, of the particular social and health concerns facing the aging population, including:

  • Challenging stereotypes of uselessness and lack of worth facing elder populations around the world
  • Focusing on promotion of value and inclusion of the elderly population in everyday society
  • Challenging health care systems throughout the world to strategize and plan ahead for a boom in elderly population throughout the world.

In looking back at their “Good health adds life to years” slogan, its important to consider those close to us, the quality of their health, of their care and of their lives.  The healthier we are, the longer we participate in society, the more valuable our contributions to the lives of those around us.  Are the elderly that you know healthy, active and participating in your community?  Can you see a link between those older adults that are healthy and well cared for, and the strength of their participation and activity in your community? 

Check out the World Health Organization’s website for more information about this special campaign to raise awareness of the needs of an often neglected and rapidly growing elderly population in our own communities and across the world.

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