Calcium, Vitamin D & Weight?


You probably know that calcium and vitamin D3 are essential nutrients for bone health, but did you know they may also aid in managing your weight?


Research published in the FASEB Journal in June 2000, and in the January 2003 issue of Nutrition, plus many newer studies have shown:


Calcium intake actually lowers calcium levels within fat cells which happens to accelerate the breakdown of fat.  


Several studies have linked low vitamin D levels with increased risk of being overweight.  This may be because vitamin D is stored in the fat cells and is not then circulating in your body, or because obesity also causes less absorption of the vitamin.


One study found that women on a reduced-calorie diet with higher blood levels of vitamin D ended up losing more weight than those on the same diet with lower vitamin D levels. 


While dieting or just eating a low calorie diet, it may be hard to get enough calcium and vitamin D from food.  To get 1000 mg of calcium each day, you would need to drink 3 full-sized glasses of milk!  This can be especially difficult for those who are lactose intolerant or allergic to dairy products.  Smart and Easy Ways to Get More Calcium


Getting enough vitamin D from food is even more difficult.  You would need to drink 10 glasses of milk to get 1000 IU of vitamin D and there are not very many food choices that contain high levels of vitamin D naturally.  You can get vitamin D from the sun, but only if the UV index is 3 or higher and if you are not wearing sunscreen.  Not an easy thing to do in the chilly winter months, especially in the northern states.


First things first…get a bone density test and get your vitamin D levels measured, then supplement according to your doctors instructions.The best way to insure adequate intake of calcium and vitamin D each day is by taking a quality calcium and vitamin D supplement.  Try a liquid formula that uses vitamin D3.  It will be easy to swallow and absorb quickly into the body.    Make this a part of your overall plan to Get Healthy in 2014!!


Do you currently take a calcium and vitamin D3 supplement?  Why or why not?