Cold….All The TIme

Cold Feet - Circulation


If you’re a weight loss surgery pre-op, be prepared:  you’re going to be freezing like you never thought possible.  I promise you this.  Sooner or later, when the weight comes off, your body will start torturing you with coldness.  You will begin investing in sweaters and sweatshirts and you will feel a chilled to your bones.  It is one of the “cons” that comes with losing weight, and I assure you, it WILL happen.  If you’re a weight loss surgery post-op (or anyone who has lost a lot of weight, really), you already feel my pain on this one.


I’m writing this from Boston, and while I love my friends and family, I HATE this cold.  I’m spoiled:  I admit it.  I have become very  much accustomed to my Southern California weather (and I even complain about the chill there, truth be told), and this 14 degrees outside?  NO, just NO.


But I realized that there has GOT to be more to it.  I mean, I’ll fully admit that I’m a big ol’ wimp, but there have certainly got to be some physical reasons for being so chilly all the time too.  To Google, I go!


Turns out, a few of them were what I expected:


  • Poor circulation
  • Low iron (I’m anemic)
  • Sleep deprivation (I’m also an insomniac – lucky me!)
  • Low B12 (makes the red blood cells that carries oxygen through your system, hence getting the blood circulating)
  • You’re too thin (clearly not my problem), lack body fat for warmth


Then a few that I didn’t know about as well:


  • Dehydration
  • Thyroid problems, one of the first signs of hyperthyroidism is constant coldness
  • Fungal infections – disrupt the hypothalamus, the body’s master gland and temperature control
  • Raynaud’s disease – the blood vessels and smaller arteries that supply blood to the skin constrict and limit circulation (can be controlled with medication)
  • Diabetes not kept in check can lead to peripheral neuropathy, which attacks the nerves in your hands and feet and can send the brain numbness/cold messages


My likely causes are that I’m anemic and an insomniac.  Well that, and it’s 14 degrees out right now.  But it was interesting to read that not being hydrated enough could affect temperature as well, who knew?  Of course, I was a bit amused to read numerous times in my searches that one of the reasons was “because you’re a woman.”  Notice I didn’t include that in my list.  My husband gets just as cold as me, thank you very much.  AND he’s skinny – so there!


Here’s wishing you warm blankets and great circulation!


Taunia Soderquist is a professional musician, music educator, and radio host located in the Greater Los Angeles area.  She’s also a seven and a half year gastric bypass post-op living a healthy lifestyle after losing and maintaining 150 lbs.  Now a passionate cook, but not-so-passionate about exercise (eh, she’s trying). Check her website for live shows and more info: