Energize Naturally



How many times have you thought to yourself that you are more tired lately than you used to be? Or you simply don’t have the energy to do the things you love? Or things would be so much easier if you weren’t tired all of the time?


While this does accompany aging, have you ever noticed that you seemed to have more energy back when you were more active, maybe it was due to being active all the time? There are many natural ways to energize from foods and exercise. Instead of drinking 3 pots of coffee before 9 a.m. let’s discuss some more natural  and healthy ways to stay energized throughout the day.


Energize with Morning Workouts


You may not like the idea of waking up 45 minutes earlier in order to workout before beginning your day, but it can help power you throughout the entire day. Taking 45-60 minutes extra to get in a quick workout will get your blood flowing, wakes you up faster than coffee ever would, and gets your endorphins flowing which can help make you feel happier, have a greater sense of well being, and be more energized after the workout is over (exercise in general is a great way to increase your energy levels). This can equate to a day full of energy and determination!


Eat for Energy: Top 5 Foods to Keep You Energized


1. Eggs –Eggs are an incredible source of protein and vitamins including B-vitamins and vitamin D. Vitamin D can help to keep your immune system running smoothly while B-vitamins help convert food into energy; instant energy. Grab some eggs and basically grab some energy!


2. Sweet potato – As with all good carbohydrates, sweet potatoes are loaded with energy. Carbohydrates help to fuel the body by providing glucose which energizes the brain, central nervous system, and bunch of other functions (there are GOOD carbs out there). The high load of vitamin A and C in sweet potatoes will help you stave off fatigue any time of the day. This makes sweet potatoes (think sweet potato fries) a perfect snack for energy.


3. Honey – This may be the first food that comes to mind if you want to get an energy rush. Honey is basically nature’s energy drink. Feeling sluggish, grab a spoon full of honey! Honey can help to refuel and replenish muscles during and after a workout. It does this by acting as a time released sweetener.


4. Bananas – You have got to love bananas they are full of natural sugars, which can provide us with a boost of energy. Not only are they full of fructose, sucrose, and glucose, they also have a high fiber content which can equate to a sustained energy boost.


5. Apples – Like the banana mentioned above, apples are also full of glucose. They are also full of antioxidants, fiber, and a ton of vitamins. This means that apples provide a convenient energy boost in a small package. Plus their high fiber content means that they provide us with a longer pick-me-up as well!


Just missed the list: spinach, beans, almonds, yogurt, and salmon, so keep these all in mind too!



There are many natural ways to energize yourself instead of reaching for a sugar laden cup of coffee. From exercising to natural foods, there is always a more natural way to stay energized and kick that sluggish feeling!


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