Exercise Routines Good for Building Strong Joints


Exercise even when you have joint discomfort?
Yes!  One of the worst things you can do when you suffer from joint pain and stiffness is to not exercise.  Inactivity will only decrease your joint motion and flexibility further and weaken the muscles that support the joints.  Regular exercise and stretching can help keep your stiff joints more flexible and strong and give you more energy.  Check with your doctor first, though, before starting any new exercise program.


1.  Low-Impact Aerobics build endurance, strong bones and leg muscles.  This includes walking, dancing, stair climbing, or low-impact classes such as jazzercise.  Aim for 30 minutes per day.




2.  Resistance Exercises 2-3 times per week to improve muscle strength that support the joints.  Use elastic bands, free weights or machines.


3.  Swimming is a perfect exercise for anyone without putting extra stress on sore joints.  Start slowly in a warm pool and build up your time.


4.  Isometrics can be used if regular strength training is too painful.  Just tense your muscles and hold for a few seconds and release, repeat.


5.  Stretch to increase flexibility and restore joint motion.  Warm joints and muscles before stretching to prevent injuries. Read more


6.  Practice Yoga or Tai Chi for ultimate stretching and relaxing techniques.


7.  Avoid high-impact exercises such as running which puts extra stress on knee joints.