Healthy Weight Awareness Week – Advocating Long-Term Healthy Lifestyles


Healthy Weight Week – Jan. 20th-26th, 2013

January is a fitting month to host Healthy Weight Week. In the midst of New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, exercise more, and become healthier in general, Health Weight Week brings focus away from fad diets and unrealistic media images back to long-term health awareness; mental and physical healthy lifestyle choices.

Healthy Weight Week encourages people in all lifestyles and age groups to improve health habits in long-lasting ways and promotes normalized healthy-living attitudes and behaviors such as eating well without ‘dieting’ per se, living actively every day and feeling good about yourself and others around you.

The founding website,, coordinated by Francie M. Berg, a licensed nutritionist and adjunct professor at the University of North Dakota School of Medicine, has chaired Healthy Weight Week since 1992.  Some tips they share under their Healthy Living Guidelines include:

  • Understanding that our body regulates better with daily activity — hunger and fullness can then send clear signals
  • Enjoying the benefits of daily activity — improving health; increasing energy, strength, endurance, bone mass and resistance to illness; sleep better; relieving stress
  • Normalizing eating with a stable, diet-free lifestyle
  • Taking pleasure in healthy eating; tasting, savoring, enjoying, and celebrating healthy food
  • Focusing on the big picture of health and well-being
  • Making lifestyle changes gradually, one step at a time, small changes you can live with challenges some of the current accepted thinking on weight loss, fad-dieting and BMI, but not at the expense of an active lifestyle with healthy eating choices, which remains a critical part of overall health and wellness.