Lets Talk About Iron

On September 8th, my husband and I were sitting on opposite couches watching television together. He made a joke, looked over, and thought I was laughing.  When he looked harder, he saw me shaking and thought I was choking.  My arms had been crossed over my chest, and he picked me up (!)  and tried to give me the Heimlich.  I guess when he saw my face, he realized that I was having a seizure.  He called 911 because I wasn’t breathing, blood was coming out of my mouth, I had bitten straight through my tongue, and they talked him through everything and sent the ambulance within minutes. (Sidebar:  apparently I was VERY belligerent to the firemen who showed up.  I don’t remember this at all, and feel awful that it even happened.)


Other than that, I don’t remember a thing about it.  It was mostly traumatic for my husband, who really took the brunt of all of it.  I did end up with some battle wounds:   I bit almost clear through my tongue, twisted my ankle, and tweaked my back.  I tried to nurse all of those yesterday, but I’m really feeling the brunt of the pain today.

Not being able to sing, talk, or practice trumpet is KILLING ME. 

They say that the mouth heals faster than any other part of your body, so hop to it, body!  I can deal with the back and foot (although they are pretty damn painful), but the tongue is just really an inconvenience for everything:  the above mentioned plus eating, drinking, or brushing my teeth.


I went to rehearsal and tried to sing, which quickly frustrated me:  I sounded like a lisping Cindy Brady every time I sang a work with an “S’s” in it. Playing trumpet was even more traumatic because you use the tip and front of your tongue almost all the time.  Right now, it feels like my tongue has been given Novocaine and over a week later, it is still numb.


I’ve never had a seizure before and have no family history.  The ER tests couldn’t pinpoint why this has happened, so we’re kind of on the hunt for what’s going on right now.


The reasons they are focusing most on:


  1. My low iron levels
  2. That I may have bleeding ulcers again


I don’t feel like I do, but they are doing an upper GI next week to be sure, and I have a consultation with a neurologist as well.

But the moral of the story here kids is DO NOT SKIP YOUR VITAMINS!  



I am a well-known proponent for Wellesse and all it’s liquidy awesomeness.  I’m usually pretty good about my multivitamins, but if I’m being honest, I’ve been slacking on the iron.   So from this point on, I carry my little travel bottles with me EVERYWHERE.  Low iron for me no more!


Diva Taunia is a professional musician and music educator in the Greater Los Angeles area.  She had RNY gastric bypass surgery on 03/25/2008 and has maintained a loss of almost 150 lbs.  You can visit her website at www.divataunia.com.