Making Healthy Lifestyle Changes

start with walking

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If ONLY three people read this article, at least one of them would report that they perform no leisure-time physical activity. In fact, 36% respondents of a recent study said that they perform absolutely no physical activity when not on the job – a.k.a. they probably hold the couch down for a considerable amount of time.


To me that’s crazy-staggering because the lack of physical activity actually correlates to 22% of heart disease and even 22% of colon cancer (among other things).


Clearly, people that fall into that category have “fallen into a rut” and need to jumpstart their physical activity again to help improve their health and overall quality of life! But this rut may seem insurmountable. Here’s a 4 step process to help you get up and on your way to active again!


[Note: this doesn’t take into account how much nutrition can have on your health. In order to really see amazing results you need to not only improve your physical activity but take control of your diet.]


1. Start Small and Walk


I may be one of the biggest proponents of walking around. The simple task of walking for just 30-45 minutes per day at a moderate to brisk pace can help even the most inactive person improve their health. Walking can help increase your exercise capacity, improve cardiovascular health, burn calories…etc. Get up and get walking everyday and you will build up your exercise capacity to where you can take on more arduous tasks!


2. Activity Calendar


Now that you are in the groove of getting up and simply walking you can create your activity calendar and “schedule yourself in”. By putting it in your planner/calendar you are making a commitment to yourself that you won’t back out of. You can also start to schedule in 2-3 strength training days per week as well, which we will discuss now.


3. Lifting Activity


After several weeks of walking and building up your exercise capacity, it’s a great idea to start having at least two whole body strength training workouts per week. These can take as little as 30 minutes but are a great way to increase your lean muscle mass which will also help you burn more calories throughout the day and also improve your overall strength. You can simply pick 8-10 exercises which in combination work the entire body. Perform all the exercises for 3 sets of 10 reps.


4. Stay Committed


It does you absolutely no good to start walking or lifting for 2 weeks and then just go cold turkey and quit. Instead, let’s make a commitment to actually make a permanent change. This time, commit to improving your life for 12 weeks. That’s only 3 months. Those 3 months could make a huge difference in the rest of your life!


Look we get it, who wants to stay active after you’ve been up on your feet all day a work? This includes those of us that sit behind a desk all day too! Don’t be like the 36% of adults out there who are physically inactive when at home. Start small, stay active and commit on your way to a happier, healthier you!


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