Manageable and Achievalble Goals are SMART Goals

How to Create Manageable and Achievable Goals:

We often have to-do lists that feel unmanageable, an endless list of goals we know we’ll never get around to. This leaves us feeling anxious and like we’ve failed before we’ve even begun. Here’s how you can create smarter goals, ones that will make you feel accomplished and that you can build upon each week. For more examples, see  Setting Fitness Goals for Better Health

Pick one item on your to-do list this week. We’re going to use that item to create a SMART goal.

SMART goals are:






Let me give you an example:

Item: Do pilates to strengthen my core.

My goal could be to go pilates every day this week, but that’s not a complete SMART goal. It is measurable, achievable, and time-bound (I’ll do it or one week). However, it is not specific (how many minutes will I do it each day?), and it’s not at all realistic. It’s possible for me to go from no pilates to pilates every day, but it’s very unlikely that I’ll actually follow through.

Okay, so let’s turn this into a SMART goal. When you’re doing this, go really easy on yourself. Make it an extremely realistic goal so that you WILL succeed.

Here’s a SMART pilates goal: I will do 20 minutes of pilates on Wednesday and Friday morning this week. This is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound. I know that Wednesday and Friday are not busy this week. I know that it is best for me to do pilates in the morning before I eat. I know that if I try to do more than 20 minutes, I’ll avoid doing it. So 20 minutes, twice this week? That’s realistic.

Now you can create one SMART goal for yourself this week. Again, make it something that will be very easy for you to accomplish. The more we set goals that we can follow through on, the more confident we will feel. The more confident we feel, the more motivation we have to continue working through our goals. 

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