Myth of the Miracle Pill

myth, miracle weight loss

We all want a magical pill that we can help us instantly lose all of our excess body fat. Basically, we want a simple solution that will miraculously change our physiology without actually having to expend anymore energy then we are already expending. As in not getting off the couch, taking a pill and miraculously losing weight. Who as time to get active? Hate to break it to you folks, but that might have just been debunked!


The Miracle Drug Science

Recent research published in British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology points to the fact that these so called “miracle drugs” aren’t really doing you much good. In essence, the weight you are losing is all water weight and therefore will result in a weight rebound because you really didn’t lose any significant fat. The study found that only real weight change (actual fat oxidation) levels off at about 200—300 grams per week or a little more than 2.20 pounds.

So basically, you can only lose about 2.2 pounds a month of FAT no matter what miracle drugs you take. Juan Del Coso, a researcher at Camilo José Cela University and a lead author of the study explained, “This means the weight changes we experience when we start exercising are not based on fat loss, but mainly on fluid loss. This is why the majority of ‘miracle’ diets and slimming programmes produce a ‘rebound’ effect due to the recovery of the lost fluid.” Not only that, but he went on to say, “That should be the aim: to lose a kilo per month, but a kilo of fat. It’s less attention-catching than miracle diet slogans, but scientifically speaking, effective change would be at that rate.”


So What Does This Mean?

Well, this means that it’s time to drop the ideas that we can take a simple pill and lose a bunch of weight and keep it off. Yes, these pills can help you lose fluid weight very quickly, in the long run you end up gaining it back and your psyche will probably suffer as well. So we need to do it the right way. We need to aim to lose a few pounds of fat a month. We need a sustainable approach to reach these goals.

But really, we just need a mindset change. Instead of thinking that you will lose 15 pounds in 3 weeks, be happy with the small victories that will add up to great results. It’s time to stop doing things the easy way considering the easy way got you to where you are. It’s time to shoot for losing 1-2 pounds of fat monthly and keeping it off forever. That’s the real goal: lose weight and keep it off for good. So would you rather lose 7lbs of water in a week and gain it back 2 weeks later or lose 2 pounds in a month and keep it off forever?



We all want to get fit, be healthy, and look good, but there is no point in significantly harming our mentality and physiology just to drop 5 pounds of water in a few days… It’s like a horror movie, it will just keep coming back time and time again. Get your mindset and goals right and your health will follow suit!


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