New Year New YOU! Part 2 on Fitness and How to Set SMART Goals

While we work on our  ‘New Year’ body we might also want to think about a shape up for our mind, or I should say ‘mind set’. The right mind-set includes the process of goal setting.

This brings us to the concept of SMART goals. Goals should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.

Specific & Measurable
The smarter the goal the more likely you will be of achieving that goal. So let’s apply this SMART goal setting system to our new body and mind-set resolution.  Let’s say you want to ‘get in shape’.  Although that is a nice thought, it isn’t a very SMART goal.  To make it SMART you need to further dissect, define and develop it.  Specifically what are you working on? Weight loss, muscle gain, mobility or balance improvements… And how will you measure that specific goal (i.e. a bathroom scale, measuring tape, or movement screen).

Attainable & Realistic
Next take a second to think about attainment and what you might need to achieve your goal (i.e. a gym membership, new pair of shoes, personal trainer or nutritional supplement). You will also need to consider if your goal is realistic given your current condition, limitations or genetics.

Then last but not least you’ll need to give your goal a realistic and workable time schedule.  For example, are you thinking to lose 10 pounds in two weeks or ten weeks? Realistically we know that slower weight loss is always more achievable but you may feel de-motivated if your goal is too far into the future. You need to go back and make sure your time frame matches up with reality and achievability.  Perhaps the key is to set smaller ‘stepping stone’ goals like 1 pound a week or 5 pounds in five weeks.

Part 2 Exercise (see Part 1)
Ok… so you’re done pushing the wall and working those muscles on the front of your chest and shoulders so it is time to address the backside of your body.  This great isometric exercise can also be done against the wall.
Find a sturdy wall:

  1. Stand with your head and back against the wall.
  2. Place your arms in Goal Post position.
  3. Slide down into a high-seated position
  4. Press your head and arms back into the wall
  5. Hold the press for 5 deep breaths
  6. Slide back up to standing position rest for 10 to 20 seconds

Repeat the exercise a second and or third time.

What are your SMART Goals?  Be sure to write them down and track progress then reward yourself with a massage or new clothes (not food or a day off from working out).