Not All Liquid Calcium Supplements Are Created Equal

Have you tried a liquid calcium supplement lately?  You may be hesitant thinking it will probably taste horrible and very chalky.  Or perhaps you have never heard of taking a liquid calcium instead of pills or tablets or chewables.  For a lot of people, especially older adults, it is very difficult to take the large pills.  Plus, they don’t always absorb very well into the body.

There are some great tasting, smooth liquid calcium supplements now available both online and at stores such as Walmart and Rite Aid.  Look for one that contains Calcium Citrate which is more absorbable than the more common calcium carbonate.  The body best absorbs calcium, whether from food or supplements, when it’s taken several times a day in amounts of not more than 500 mg, but taking it all at once is better than not taking it at all. Calcium carbonate is absorbed best when taken with food. Calcium citrate can be taken anytime.

Most people find that a liquid calcium supplement does not bother their stomach like the pill form may.  Look for one with at least 1000 IU of vitamin D3 as well.  Vitamin D helps the body to better absorb and utilize the calcium. 

Go ahead and try a good tasting liquid calcium and vitamin D3 supplement – your bones will thank you.