Not Losing the Weight You Want? Look At Snacks

are snacks hurting your diet?


Is Snacking to Blame?


Many people think that if they simply eliminated all sweets from their diet, they would magically lose weight – as if it was that simple… Will no more chocolate in the house lead to you losing 10 pounds in a week? Will no soda in the office result in 5 pounds lost in a few days? If only it were that simple! But when you think about it, isn’t it all about those underlying urges and lack of healthy alternatives that make you chow down on this stuff? Let’s look at a few ways in which you can control your hunger and hopefully start moving the scale in the right direction.


Plan Your Way to Success:


So you ate fast food twice today (breakfast and lunch), then raided the office vending machine for a few snacks, and then on the way home picked up a pizza…what the Hell? Of course, this will look like your diet if you don’t plan and prep a few meals here and there. Having some healthy premade meals and snacks that you can take with you to the office or use for supper will save you a huge amount of wasted calories! Start prepping!


Eat Slower:


Seriously, this can help you not choke, aid in digestion, and prevent you from overeating! When you eat slower, your mind and stomach stay in sync and know when you are full. If you are like me, when you wolf down your food you actually overeat before your brain catches up to the fact that it’s stuffed and bloated!


More Fiber:


If you have a problem snacking and always being hungry then this is a must follow for you! By filling up on fiber, you not only fill-up quicker but you also stay full longer. This means that it might reduce some of that snacking you have a habit of doing! When it comes to fiber, which can also play an important role in blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and your immune system, consume at least 14 grams of fiber per 1000 kcal you consume daily!


Remember Your Goals:

If you are serious about taking control of your health this year then you must remember what you are working for. Next time the office is having a birthday party and there is a massive amount of cake, just remember what you have been working so hard for and head the other direction (after singing “Happy Birthday” of course). Or just think about how many burpees it would take to work off those calories… yeah that will make you put the fork down!


Drop the Guilt:


If you don’t love yourself and stop feeling guilty every time you screw up on your diet, how are you going to avoid “emotional” eating? I mean seriously, being stronger than the Hulk is useless if you are mentally weak and constantly break down. Be gentle on yourself. Living healthy isn’t a sprint that needs to be completed in a month or even a year – it’s a lifestyle. Remember to constantly be positive and build your own confidence and ditch the guilt.



If you are blaming your health on the excessive amount of sugary goodies at your office, just remember you have the will-power and the tools to help you avoid it! By eating properly (decreasing your hunger), remembering your goals, and ditching the guilt you will be well on your way to getting healthy!


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