Nutrients for Heart Health

There are important steps you can take now to have a healthier heart.

Many Americans are weight focused so they can fit into their slim jeans or look good at their high school reunion.  But, there’s another, dare I say more important, reason we should take a close look at our weight and overall health.  Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death and disability in the U.S.  There are many things we can do to modify our risk factors. 

Some that you’ve probably heard before include:
• Maintain a normal weight
• Quit smoking
• Manage your blood cholesterol levels
• Manage your blood pressure within normal limits
• Get active – get out there and get some physical activity such as walking
• De-stress
• Curb your alcohol intake

Heart Healthy Nutrients
In addition to these ones, make sure you are meeting your vitamin D and magnesium needs – two micronutrients that many people are likely to be low in. Recent studies indicate that those with low vitamin D levels have increased rates of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, heart failure and ischemic heart disease. Hopefully future studies will examine if vitamin D supplementation in those with low levels will help reduce one’s risk factors for cardiovascular disease.  Find out if you are at risk for vitamin D deficiency by taking this quiz – 

Magnesium is another nutrient to be mindful of.  Low levels have been associated with increased inflammation, which is a risk factor for hardening of the arteries.

So be sure to eat healthy, exercise and take your vitamin D liquid supplements each day.  Your heart will appreciate it!