Rest Easy – Tips for Better Sleep During the Stressful Holiday Season

Holiday Stress Management


Restless nights up worrying about the mile long list of to-do items to make your Thanksgiving the perfect party for family and friends?  You aren’t doing your brain or your body any favors by loosing sleep – in fact, you will probably function less capably as you run up against your growing sleep deficit.


Here are some useful and easy ways to better your odds of a good nights sleep while you’re rushing to complete your holiday list:




Late to bed, late to wake just won’t do, if its not what you’re used to – whatever your normal daily non-hectic-holiday bedtime and rise time are, stick to them.  You’ll find that keeping to your normal routine and sleep/wake schedule will help you stave off some of the tiredness of a busy day since your body is still operating during its own established “business hours”.  Even if you can’t quite make it to bed on time, still try to wake as close to your normal schedule as possible to stay in rhythm.  It may be helpful to include a 15-20 minute “wind down” period before bed, to help you remove yourself from the stress of the day – a warm bath, a stretching routine or soothing music in a dimly lit room could be just the thing.




While an excess of caffeine is definitely not helpful, a cup of coffee or black tea to get you started in the morning or help you through an early afternoon slump is very helpful.  Many studies have shown that modest amounts of caffeine help increase mental alertness, and improve cognitive function, not to mention that little extra pep in your step!  Do avoid caffeine roughly 6 hours before bedtime so it does not interfere with your ability to fall asleep.  If you would rather avoid caffeine, look for a robust, quality B-Complex supplement to help boost you though those rough spots.  Need More Energy? Here are 10 Tips for Boosting Your Energy Levels




Making time for dedicated exercise is critical to keeping your energy levels up.  Even if it is just a short 1/2 hour set aside before dinner, or first thing in the morning, it will make a dramatic improvement in any fatigue you might be experiencing during the day, as well as help you sleep more soundly at night.