Skin Cancer Foundation Increases Daily Vitamin D Recommendation

The Skin Cancer Foundation is revising its vitamin D recommendation for adults who have limited sun exposure or who practice photo protection from 400 to 1000 international units (IUs) of vitamin D daily.  For children under the age of 18, including infants, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends 400 of IU of vitamin D per day.  The Foundation recommends that vitamin D should be obtained from a combination of dietary sources and vitamin D supplements.

“Based on the current data, we feel comfortable recommending this increase,” said Warwick Morison, chairman of The Skin Cancer Foundation’s Photobiology Committee. “We know it is well within the safety limits set by the US Food and Nutrition Board and it may help alleviate vitamin D deficiency which has been a growing concern for people.”  See for more information.

Getting 1000 IU of vitamin D each day from food can be difficult if not impossible.  There are very few sources of vitamin D – salmon, mackerel, sardines and fortified foods such as milk, orange juice and cereals.  One 8 oz glass of milk contains only 100 IU of vitamin D – that means you would need to drink 10 glasses of milk every day! 

Taking a liquid nutritional supplement with 1000 IU of Vitamin D3 is the easiest way to ensure adequate amounts are achieved daily.  It is also important to get your vitamin D blood levels checked.  It may be necessary to take more than 1000 IU of vitamin D at first if your levels are lower than 40 ng/nL.  Talk with your doctor to find out what is best for you.