Tips to Survive the Holiday Eating Frenzy

Are you worried about over-eating during the holidays?  Here are a few survival tips to get you through without tipping the scales.

Most of us let up a little when it comes to eating over the holiday season.  And by all means, we should be able to enjoy stuffing, a slice of pie and our favorite holiday treats. Here are a few strategies you can use to keep the weight off and your body healthy while still enjoying yourself this holiday season:

Moderation is the Key!
Moderation means it isn’t necessary to gorge on shortbread cookies just because they come in cute holiday shapes this time of year and are sprinkled with red and green sugar. It also means you probably don’t need second and third servings of pie, casserole and other yummy but unhealthy foods. If the thought of leaving without getting just a little more of your favorite dish bothers you, ask the host for a plate or single small serving of her famous pecan pie to go and then save it for the next day.

Alternate Healthy Eating with Traditional Holiday Eating
This method works very well. Eat healthy foods 90% of the time and save room for a few cocktails and goodies this December the other 10%. Here is how it works:  when you are not at a function, party or business dinner, eat healthy foods (if you are in a rush, grab good choices at quick service restaurants or the lunch counter at Whole Foods).  The rest of the time, allow yourself to eat what you want only until you are satisfied (not stuffed).  Take only small portions of the unhealthy foods and larger portions of the good, like green salad or vegetables (not drenched in salad dressing or sauces).

More Matters
Load up on fruits and vegetables. In fact, reach for them (or soups made from them, like butternut squash soup for instance), first, before you eat the rest of your meal. The fiber and water content of produce will make you so full, you won’t have room for every sweet treat you see!

If you are worried about the holidays and food you will be surrounded with, fear not. Allow yourself to eat your holiday favorites while sticking with healthy eating (and exercise) most of the time and you should get through the season unscathed.

Remember to Take Your Vitamins!
Holidays are so busy it’s easy to forgot to take your daily essential supplements, but this can easily lead to feeling run down and even getting sick.  Write yourself a reminder note or email so you , cold months.  If you need a little extra energy, try a liquid B complex with extra B vitamins.  All provide essential nutrients to keep you healthy through the holiday season.