Tropical Protein Powerhouse Smoothie

This smoothie is a powerhouse!

Its full of vitamins to boost your immune system, and protein for lean muscle building. Mangos and Pineapples contain loads of vitamin C to shield your body from illnesses and promote healthy healing.  

This recipe is made creamy by the frozen fruit and coconut milk. If you are not a fan of coconut milk, you can sub in any milk of choice (dairy or non-dairy). To make this a complete meal, I used Wellesse’s Protein complete. This makes this smoothie very filling.  You can also add other Wellesse supplements if you use them, like Multivitamin+ or Calcium with Vitamin D3 and they will only make it healthier and taste better ~

Mango-Pineapple Pina Colada Smoothie

•    ½ Cup Pinneapple, frozen 
•    ½ Cup Mango, frozen
•    3/4 Cup Lite Coconut milk
•    ½ Cup Ice Cubes
•    2 Packets of Stevia or other sweetener of choice
•    ¼ Cup Coconut Flakes
•    Pinch of Salt
•    2 TBSP- 1 Serving of Wellesse Protein Complete

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