Why You May Still Need a Vitamin D Supplement in Summer

Even though it’s summer, you may still need to take an additional vitamin D supplement.  Why?

The weather is warm, sun is shining and you’re enjoying every minute of the great outdoors this season. But, just because the days are longer and sun is brighter this doesn’t mean you should ditch your vitamin D supplement.  Sure, our skin can make vitamin D upon exposure to sunlight; however, the sun’s rays alone may not be enough for many people.

Factors which affect Vitamin D production

Despite exposure to the sun’s rays, several factors impair our body’s production of vitamin D including:

  • Darker skin color,
  • Obesity and
  • Sunscreen use (sunscreen blocks UV rays that are needed to make vitamin D)
  • Malabsorption
  • Age (production decreases as we age)

In addition, some people’s vitamin D levels may have dropped so low during winter months that summertime sunlight alone won’t do enough to bring their vitamin D level to within normal limits.

Deficiency is more common than you think!

More than 75 percent of Americans have insufficient levels of vitamin D according to the Archives of Internal Medicine. Be sure you do not fall into this category. Get your vitamin D levels checked regularly if you are at risk for deficiency or insufficiency and be diligent about taking a prescription dose of vitamin D or supplemental dose if your doctor prescribed one. A vitamin D deficiency can lead to weak and misshaped bones and impair overall health.

Vitamin D is also very important for the proper absorption of Calcium.  Never take a calcium supplement alone that does not also contain vitamin D.